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Personal safety should be your right! Unfortunately, statistics continue to showcases of harassment and violence which prove this just isn’t the case.

Be prepared, have a plan for likely situations of harassment, threats, stalking, sexual or violent abuse from strangers and more often from someone we know.

Proactive offers One-Off Workshops/ short courses with content that can be tailored to your specific needs. Alternately, we offer 4 types of set 2-hour modules that are popular with workplaces, schools, clubs, and family & friend groups. These modules can be delivered at Impact Kickboxing.


Self Defence

Simple, effective, and instinctive techniques. In this practical session, you will learn how to defend and protect yourself from a larger aggressor. Topics include; escapes from common attacks, defensive covers, offensive striking to primary target areas to fend off an attacker, and using your whole body.

Ground Defence


Defence techniques for common attacks. Defend yourself from a range of sexual abuse and harassment situations (including drills from the ground position) and learn to use your whole body for maximum leverage against a larger aggressor. We recommend doing this with a friend you trust and are comfortable with.

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